One full Y11 in just a few months to achieve a 7 at GCSE’s

My daughter was taking a year earlier her Spanish GCSE exam and with all the lockdown and Covid stuff the school completely forgot about preparing her for that. I contacted Iciar at the beginning of Oct’20 with the hope she will help my daughter to acquire all the Y11 syllabus in a matter of a few months.

Iciar is very well organised, offering a variety of teaching methods and covering all sorts of topics. Her classes are interactive and there is homework and revision that needs to be done from home prior the new lesson so the learning is ongoing and sets what the lesson has provided.
So if you are up for the challenge and your child motivated, he/she will achieve great results and feel very accomplished, as my daughter was once she received 2 points higher her predicted grade!

Thank you very much Iciar for your dedication, hard work and always keeping the motivation – for all of us- going.