What is to conjugate

What is to conjugate or conjugation You can watch this video or read/print this post in order to learn what conjugation means. https://youtu.be/3RFRWQ2kKmE Spanish verbs change their form (normally their ending) depending on who is performing the action and the period of time they are referring to. Verbs normally keep…

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Types of Spanish Verbs

There are three types of Spanish verbs you need to know In order to conjugate any verb in Spanish, you should first understand the different types of Spanish verbs involved in the conjugation. In this sense, the main clasifications you need to know are as follows: Regular and irregular verbs…

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The present Spanish tense

In order to unlock the present Spanish tense herewith you should: a) understand types of verbs: whether a verb is regular/irregular, ar/er/ir, reflexive/non reflexive, b) learn how to conjugate the present tense in a video and written format, c) practice with our free interactive online exercises. a) Understanding types of…

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