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reading gcse spanish español past paper higher edexcel approach list of vocabulary and comments

Herewith we propose a reading exercise, GCSE higher, based on an Edexcel past paper exam, June 2018.

We made a list of 157 words that can be revised before or after the reading. Checking these words will help you revise the topics related to the different texts included in the exam.

It is very effective to learn vocabulary and then check its meaning in context and see how the words and expressions behave together with other words (in context, with prepositions, links…).

How to carry out this reading GCSE higher exercise if you are a student

If you are a student:

a) Check the list of vocabulary bellow and try to guess the English meaning without looking.

b) Do the reading past paper:

  • If you are taking the exam in a short period of time: do it in exam conditions
  • If you are still learning topics:
    • Use only the texts of the topics you are familiar with, or
    • Do the whole exercise, allow yourself to check and take notes in the list of vocabulary.

You can find the past paper here: texto.

c) Check the solutions. Enlace “soluciones

d) If you do not understand why your answers were wrong, check this link explicaciones a las soluciones, which includes comments about key words, negative words…., etc.

How to carry out this reading GCSE higher exercise if you are a teacher/tutor

On the other hand, if you are a teacher you could:

a) Carry out any previous exercise to activate the vocabulary and expressions included in the text:

  • Using this list in flashcards, games, etc.
  • Asking the students to revise the list as homework
  • Asking the students to work in groups testing the peers

b) Depending on which topic you are working with in the classroom, choose only the questions/texts in the exam related to it. Then you should choose only part of the vocabulary and text, solutions and solution comments: medio ambiente, transporte, trabajo, etc. also related to the topic and text.

c) As homework you could work with any of the texts asking the students to change the whole text to the present, past, future, conditional…..You could also ask them to continue any of the stories….. This way they may practice more the vocabulary.

Vocabulary list (words and expressions) Spanish GCSE Reading Exercise

157 words and expressions as shown in the text

Español Inglés
Ayuntamiento Town Hall
Extracurriculares Extracurriculars
Concursos Competitions, contests
Instituto Secondary school
Dibujo Drawing / art subject
Escuela School (colegio)
Barrio Borough, neighbourhood
Ganar To win, to earn
Tener ganas To feel like …., to fancy….
Premio Price /award
Carrera Degree /career
Mejorar To improve
Vida Life
Edad Age
Poner Tu put
Desarrollar To develop
Recibir To receive
Llamada A call
Ruido Noise
Comisaría Police station
Cuidar To take care
Con cuidado With care= carefully
Perder To lose something or to miss the bus, etc.
Soler + infinitive Usually …..
Buscar To look for, to search for, to seek
Búsqueda Searh
Paisaje Landscape
Pueblo Village
Resultar, convertirse To come of, to become, to turn out
Quedarse To stay
Quincena A fortnight
Hace…….años …….years ago
Quedarse con la boca abierta to be astonished, to be amazed
Cambiar To change
Cambios Changes
Graves Serious
Grabar To record/to engrave
Embotellamiento Traffic jam, bottleneck, congestion Bottling
Conducir To drive, lead to
Conductor Driver
Me parece/te parece/le parece…(like “gustar” verb) It seems to me, …
Caro Expensive
Rica Rich or tasty
Riqueza Wealth
Mezcla Mix
Crecer To grow
Crecimiento Growth
Terminar + gerund (verb ending ando/iendo), ej. Terminar comiendo patatas fritas   End up + gerund, i.e. end up eating chips
Informática Information technology
Coincide To coincide, to agree on
Entrevista Interview
Protagonista Main character
Antes Before
Recordar – Acordarse To remember
Estar acostumbrado Accustomed to something, used to something
Criarse To be raised, to grow
Cria Breeding, young, offspring, baby animal (cub, calf, …)
Recursos Resources
Cómodo/incómodo Confortable/ unconfortable
Abierto/abierta Opened
Cerrado/cerrada Closed
Cintura Belt
Estrecho Narrow, tight
Pantalón Trouser
Demasiado Too much/too many
Favorecer To favour, to look good on, to suit
Camino Path
Pilgrim route La ruta de pelegrinaje
Pensar To think
Pensamientos Thoughts
Sentirse (me siento, te sientas…) To feel
Paz Peace
Única Unique
Disfrutar Enjoy
Cientos Hundreds
Tesoro Tresure
Reto Challenge
Enseñar To teach
Lograr To get an achievement
Boda Wedding
Excursiones Excursions, trips
Largo Long
Zapatos Shoes
Aventura Adventure
Acompañado Accompanied by, have a companion
Tratarse (se trata de…) To be about
Aconsejar Give advice
Consejo A piece of advice
Lleno Full
Vacío Empty
Albergue Hostal
Primavera/verano/otoño/invierno: estaciones Spring/summer/autumn/winter: seasons
Mismos The same
Jamás=nunca never
Prácticas Work in order to get experience, intership
Campamentos Camps
Darse bien algo To be good at something
Magisterio Teaching
Naturaleza Nature
Opción Option
Aprobar To pass
Oposición Public examination= civil service exams It also means opposition or desagreement
Método Method
Acceder To access
Colegios Públicos State Schools
Puesto Position/post
“de por vida” For life
Permite Allows
Abrir – cerrar To open-to close
Dar To give
Ayudar To help
Gestion Management
Arrepentirse To regret
Escoger, elegir To choose
Selección / elección Selection, choosing
Garantizar Guarantee
Volar To fly
Relajarse To relax
Vecino Neighbour
Revista Magazine
Sugieren Suggest
Asiento Seat
Mirar To watch
Seguro Safe
Hablar, charlar to talk, to chat
Antes Before
Durante During
Tartar de+inf, intentar+inf Try to….+ infinitive
Sentarse To seat down
Tumbarse To lie down
Ponerse de pie / estar de pie To stand up, to be standing up
En el centro = en el medio In the middle
Levantarse To get up
Caminar= andar=pasear To walk
Anuncios Adverts
Saltar / saltos To jump / jumps
Nieve Snow
Gastar To spend
Malgastar To waste
Nadie Noone
Velocidad Speed, velocity
Barato Cheap
Jugador Player
Frecuencia Frequency
Viento Wind
Aerogenerador Wind generator
Aire Air
Residuos Waste, residues
Bajar To go down
Subir To go up
Guardar = almacenar To store
Director Manager, head of
Éxito Success
Ya already

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