Reading GCSE foundation exercise

Herewith we propose a reading exercise, GCSE foundation, based on an AQA specimen past paper exam. You may test yourself with the exam, but it is very helpful to carry out some previous activities before taking the test and after the test to help you learn and reflect.

This is why, we made a list of around 60 words and electronic flashcards that can be revised before or after the reading.

If you are taking the GCSE exam or you are a Spanish student intermediate level, trying to master the 4 skills, this exercise and web is for you.

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Checking these words will help you revise the topics related to the different texts included in the exam.

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It is very effective to learn vocabulary and then check its meaning in context and see how the words and expressions work together with other words (in context, with prepositions, links…).

How to carry out this reading GCSE foundation exercise if you are a student

If you are a student:

a) Check the list of vocabulary below and try to guess the English meaning without looking. You can check the list at the bottom of this post. Or check the following flashcards:

b) Do the reading past paper:

  • If you are taking the exam in a short period of time: do it in exam conditions
  • If you are still learning topics:
    • Use only the texts of the topics you are familiar with, or
    • Do the whole exercise, allow yourself to check and take notes in the list of vocabulary.
  • If you didn’t learn the future tense yet, do not do exercise 7 nor 9.

You can find the past paper here: examen.

c) Check the solutions: “soluciones

d) Check the vocabulary again. Now try to guess the Spanish word or expression looking at the English word in the list or cards vocabulary.

How to carry out this reading GCSE foundation exercise if you are a teacher/tutor

On the other hand, if you are a teacher you could:

a) Carry out any previous exercise to activate the vocabulary and expressions included in the text:

  • Using this list in flashcards, games, etc.
  • Asking the students to revise the list as homework
  • Asking the students to work in groups testing the peers

b) Depending on which topic you are working with in the classroom, choose only the questions/texts in the exam related to it. Then you should choose only part of the vocabulary and text, solutions: medio ambiente, transporte, trabajo, etc. also related to the topic and text.

c) As homework you could work with the vocabulary asking the students to write a text with the vocabulary.

Vocabulary list (words and expressions) Spanish GCSE reading Exercise

60 words and expressions as shown in the text

nadar – nataciónswimming
el parque temáticotheme park
climatizadaheated pool
la vida sanahealthy life
evitarto avoid
acostarseto go to bed
mantenerse en formato keep fit
encontrarto find
encontrarseto feel
pobrepoor person
reunirseto meet
acostumbrarseto get used to it
hace faltait is needed, it is necessary
lo peor es….the worst thing is….
ayudarto help
sacar buenas notasto get good marks
derecharight (opposite left)
izquierdaleft (opposite right)
centroin the middle
mi intención es…my intention is…
pienso….I think…..
sobre todospecially
tiempo librefree time
limpiarto clean
espacios verdesgreen areas
campamentothe camp
anuncioadvert, announcement
racionesportion of food
torerobull fighter
enamorarseto fall in love
hombre de negociosbusiness man
fueraoutside, outdoors
cerrarto close
abrirto open
perderto loose something or to miss the bus
perderseto get lost

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