Reading books to Learn Spanish

These are reading books to learn Spanish. Read here when and why to read them. You can also use the vocabulary and activities we offer you for your free use as you read the book. Follow the links to buy the book or get the month trial on Kindle Unlimited to read them for free, and to do the activities and learn the vocabulary and practice it till you ace it.

Books to learn Spanish

Level: Completely beginner. A1.

What is it about: William is learning Spanish in Madrid. He talks about his daily life.

Good things: Very repetitive and includes vocabulary list and test after each chapter.

Author: Juan Fernandez.

Level: Beginner. A2. GCSE Spanish.

What it is about: Spanish short stories in Spanish and English, side by side.

Good things: Includes side by side stories from Spain, ‘historias de España’. Includes free audio download. You can also check a vocabulary list Spanish to English and English to Spanish at the end of the book.

Author: Genevieve Barlow and William N. Stivers.

Level: Intermediate. B1. GCSE Spanish.

Good things: Includes cultural and everyday situations. Includes tests at the end of each chapter and a large list of vocabulary (450 words).

Includes online vocabulary quizlet and online tests you can find here or on the book through a QR: Kate en las Fallas.

Author: How to Unlock Spanish.

Level: Intermediate. B1-B2. GCSE Spanish.

What is it about: ‘El Principito’ is a tale about friendship and meaning of life. It shows us how to read life with your own glasses. Read it with us chapter by chapter.

Good things: I suggest an English-Spanish, side to side version. Although I also suggest an only Spanish version so you don’t give up and look at the English version without trying.

Use our online vocabulary quizlet and online exercises to learn while you read. El principito exercises.

Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Audiobook: you can listen to it getting for free if you are a member of Audible (Amazon), you can sign up for a one month trial through this link: Audible one month trial.

Level: Advanced level. C1.

What is it about: A young woman brakes her engagement and goes back to her home town.

Good things: The book includes a lot of everyday Spanish phrases.

Use our online activities and online exercises to learn while you read. ‘Gente que viene y Bah’ exercises.

Author: Laura Norton.

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