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Thank you

I’m really pleasantly surprised with my IGCSE results and I got a 6 in spanish which I’m really happy with and did not expect, thank you so much for helping me with all of my Spanish last year, without our sessions there is no way I would have been able to get a six so THANK YOU.

Lucy (IGCSE)
Student course:GCSE
Achieved Mark:6
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Iciar was an amazing tutor

Iciar was an amazing tutor for GCSE Spanish and helped me so much. She was really organised and always went above and beyond such as creating extra quizlets for me for new vocab every week and always being able to accommodate me with lesson times. I started tutoring with Iciar because I was not studying GCSE Spanish at school and so needed help learning the syllabus and preparing for the exam. I achieved a high grade 9 and am so grateful to iciar for her help.

Hannah (August 2022 - AQA)
Student course:GCSE
Achieved Mark:9 (226/240)
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Very Happy

Iciar started tutoring my son in y10 for GCSE, he found her lessons really useful and that they complimented his school lessons perfectly. The lessons gave him confidence and invaluable practice, especially with covid and lockdown, it was great that he had a chance to practice his speaking one on one every week, something that school was obviously not able to do during lockdown. Iciar was super helpful and flexible, allowing extra lessons just before exams etc. This was particularly useful for the speaking part. We were already really happy with the whole experience but when my son got a 9 in his GCSE’s this Summer we were even more pleased.

Student course:GCSE
Predicted Grade before Tutoring with us:7
Achieved Mark:9
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I am so glad that I have found Iciar

I am so glad that I have found Iciar to teach me Spanish. I wanted to be able to help myself when walking the Camino Frances and have achieved the ability to do so in a few months. I’m not a good student, but Iciar is an excellent tutor with a lot of patience. The lessons are a combination grammar, listening, reading and talking and this helps you to review what you have learnt. I can absolutely recommend Howtounlockspanish as it is regularly updated and a good reference. Muchos gracias Iciar!!

Franeen McDonald
Student course:Adult Beginners
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I have been using howtounlockspanish

I have been using howtounlockspanish for some time to learn Spanish and am very pleased with my progress. Iciar manages to make the lessons a very good combination of learning and fun. She mixes the lessons up very well combining speaking, reading and listening. There is also a good combination of structured and more informal. She is very reliable and never misses a lesson.
I highly recommend anyone at any level to use howtounlockspanish. I started as a complete beginner and can now hold in depth conversations.

Don Ferguson
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My daughter really enjoyed her weekly sessions and saw a marked improvement in her assessments

My daughter had tutoring with Iciar in the 10 months leading up to her GCSE’s in 2021. Her sessions with Iciar instilled a real enthusiasm for the subject and made her much more confident in her regular classes. She really enjoyed her weekly sessions and saw a marked improvement in her assessments over that period and in her final GCSE tests and result. Iciar provided a really well structured yet enjoyable approach to the language.

She hadn’t intended to pursue Spanish further after GCSE but has now decided she wants to do it as one of her A level choices. I couldn’t recommend “How to unlock Spanish” highly enough!

David Bernie
Student course:GCSE
Predicted Grade before Tutoring with us:5
Achieved Mark:8 and Merit on Speaking assessment
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One full Y11 in just a few months to achieve a 7 at GCSE’s

My daughter was taking a year earlier her Spanish GCSE exam and with all the lockdown and Covid stuff the school completely forgot about preparing her for that. I contacted Iciar at the beginning of Oct’20 with the hope she will help my daughter to acquire all the Y11 syllabus in a matter of a few months.

Iciar is very well organised, offering a variety of teaching methods and covering all sorts of topics. Her classes are interactive and there is homework and revision that needs to be done from home prior the new lesson so the learning is ongoing and sets what the lesson has provided.
So if you are up for the challenge and your child motivated, he/she will achieve great results and feel very accomplished, as my daughter was once she received 2 points higher her predicted grade!

Thank you very much Iciar for your dedication, hard work and always keeping the motivation – for all of us- going.

Beatriz Garcia
Student course:GCSE
Predicted Grade before Tutoring with us:5
Achieved Mark:7
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Iciar is the best Spanish

Iciar is the best Spanish teacher I have ever had! She has helped me tremendously in my GCSE exam! Her lessons are well-structured and I have learnt how to plan and structure the answers. We revise grammar and important vocabulary of every theme and do past papers as well as a range of similar exam questions. She also creates flashcards for every lesson that include vocabulary that I don’t know and it makes memorising vocab so much easier!
She is definitely one of the most patient and responsible teacher, I would highly recommend her! She is incredible!!!

Kathy (August 2022-AQA)
Student course:GCSE
Achieved Mark:9
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Fun and Engaging Lessons

Iciar is extremely kind and helpful and never fails to adapt to your learning style to create a fun and engaging atmosphere. Before tutoring with Iciar I was predicted a 5 but with weekly interactive lessons I managed to achieve a 9. After every single lesson I left with a smile on my face and I felt extremely motivated to complete the work. Iciar is also very understanding and I would highly recommend her as a tutor to anybody of any ability

Christine Sautchyn
Student course:GCSE
Predicted Grade before Tutoring with us:5
Achieved Mark:9
Rate our performance:

Professional and engaging tutoring! Helped

Professional and engaging tutoring! Helped me achieve my desired grades!

Ludvig Lif
Student course:A-Level
Predicted Grade before Tutoring with us:C
Achieved Mark:A
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Fantastic teacher

Iciar has been teaching me Spanish for the last 18months. I highly recommend Iciar and her teaching. She makes learning Spanish a real pleasure.

Julian Dunn
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