Listening Spanish GCSE AQA Higher

GCSE listening AQA higher vocabulary test and learn

Herewith we propose a learning unit based on a listening GCSE AQA Higher exam specimen paper. This is the vocabulary related to a listening exam of B1 intermediate level, including several topics.

We used quizlet learning app to help revise the vocabulary and expressions included in the listening test before and/or after taking the test. This quizlet app approches the same list of vocabulary with different learning tools.

Checking these words and expressions will help you revise the topics related to the different texts included in the exam.

It is very effective to learn vocabulary and then check its meaning in context and see how the words and expressions behave together with other words (in context, with prepositions, links…). It is also very helpful to revise the vocabulary and expressions after taking the test.

How to use this learning unit

If you are a student, you may follow this approach:

I) Use the app bellow to learn and revise the vocabulary before doing the listening test (the screen bellow is not an advert, it is a learning app I inserted on this page):

In the right bottom part of the screen you can see some options when you click “elige modo de estudio“. You can choose different ways to learn. Use the one you prefer:

a) Combinar: a game to match the Spanish and the English expression.

b) Aprender: learn the correct option out of the four offered and continue learning with other options.

c) Probar: test yourself..

d) Fichas: Learn using flashcards: In “options” you can set the ‘audio to listen to the vocabulary and expressions.

e) Ortografía: write what you listen.

You can also work directly in the app quizlet if you click “ver esta unidad de estudio” on the bottom left side of the screen.

II) Carry out the listening Spanish GCSE AQA specimen paper: Do the whole paper you can download here texto, using the sound track you can listen to “here

III) Check the solutions: “soluciones

IV) Check the vocabulary again using the screen with the learning app.

If you are a teacher/tutor, you may follow this approach:

I) Carry out any previous exercise to activate the vocabulary and expressions included in the text. Using the learning app above: a) asking the students to revise the list as homework, b) asking the students to work in groups testing the peers .

II) You may ask the students to go over the learning app after they have done the listening test. Then, you may test them by doing translations based on the vocabulary.

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